What is S-Back ?

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What is S-Back ?

The Background of the invention 

and operation principle of S-Back 

- Who and when developed S-Back ?

 Frankly speaking, FORVIC engineering Team developed this S-Back together. 

FORVIC is specialized manufacturer for special function shoes and plastic materials for special functions like protectors etc… and office furniture during mostly 30years. 

 And we were looking for new products and we found most of people have difficulties or pains in waist due to sitting posture. So, during gathering data for various sitting postures, we knew that main reason which makes these kinds of troubles is bad sitting postures.  

  We got an idea from our functional boots and insole for solution of this bad sitting postures At present, insole is very important item for straight standing posture and comfort walking.  And so, we had applied this insole construction to new item, and this new item is S-Back.  

First time, we focused to functional insole.


One of major function of these insoles is “heel up”. 

We made this “heel-up” into “hip-up”.

This “hip-up”function is made by the principle of “action-reaction”. 

 During pressing S-Back by Body weight( during sitting on S-Back), automatically, hip up functions will be operated.


1 & 2 : Action  

3 : reaction –LSP(Lumbar support pad) supporting vertebra part as much as pressing bottom plate( by 1 & 2)

  And also, According to this function, we can sit on any place of bottom plate of chair because LSP support lumbar part during sitting on S-Back. 

When we feel tired, we will bend our spine and lean to the seatback. 

In this case, our spine shape will be similar with C shape. 


 So, when we stand up from this posture, we will feel trouble or pain at vertebra part or spine. 

But, if we use S-Back, as our body weight press S-Back, LSP will support vertebra part continuously. 

This S-Back is to be applied with this “principle of action and reaction”. 

Principle of action and reaction 


Action : pressing left and right edges by body weight

Reaction : pushing LSP to lumbar part by Action(body weight) 

Launching new product in 2021. 

It’s name is S-Back COC(Chair on Chair).

We have spent over 2 years and finally invented amazing new product. 

We upgraded functions of S-Back and new technologies were applied on this S-Back COC. 


If you use S-Back COC, you may take any kinds of postures. 

Safety belt of S-Back COC will allow any kinds of postures. Everybody have different condition in their waist health. So, when they sit on chair or floor etc., they need to adjust seat back. 

And so, we applied adjustable seat back function on this S-Back. 

This seat back will be adjusted in each 2 degrees whenever gear rob will be turned. 

Finally, you will always be free from taking correct posture when you sit on any place. 

The most important key word of this newly invented product is “free from taking correct posture”. 

You are free from when you use S-Back COC.


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